Crispy Couture Dress
Crispy couture by lorraine dickinson
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We are a small business based in Lancashire, England. We hand-make purses, small clutch bags, notebooks and accessories principally from recycled materials.

The business began after winning the People's Choice Award at the Platform Gallery in Clitheroe, Lancashire for their Open Exhibition in the summer of 2011.

The winning exhibit was the Crispy Couture dress made entirely from crisp packets and was accompanied by a clutch bag and decorated shoes.

We have since expanded our range and now create our products using recycled bottle labels, recycled sweet and chocolate wrappers and recycled magazine covers.

95% of the materials used to make our products are recycled and all are handmade in Lancashire.

When recycled materials are not possible due to the nature of the product, we source "slight seconds" in order to continue in our green mission. Each item is gift wrapped using recycled or reusable materials.

All of our products are carefully washed and stitched and handmade in Lancashire using lots of TLC. As such, all of our creations are individual and no two are the same.

They can be seen lighting up the pages of Facebook where we have a small army of lovely "likers" who admire our work on a regular basis thus giving us the confidence to be even more creative!!!